Interview Tips

1 candidate must have the knowledge for his subject and post for he/she has come

2 Candidate must know about his carrier objective if he/she has given in resume ( the same must be memorized) if not given still it must be described with confidence

3 Try to listen the questions when asked by employers carefully and answer with confidence if you are not confident about the answer then reply with don’t know sir/madam because any kind of stamp tin will cause to loose your confidence and the evaluation from interviewer side.

4 always try to give positive mannered reply

5 Never argue on topics on which you are not aware and ask minimum question in revert

6 always pretend that you would be the best for that job

7 Assure them that you could join as per their direction if not employed any where before

8 Must be neat and clean dressed up ( it should be Formal dressed up )

9 Be confident and keep eye contact with employers while answering them

10 show your Zeal towards the said profile
And as per situation you can settle /discuss and your salary and enrollments…


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