Vyas Youth Club

Key points VYAS YOUTH CLUB:-👇

1 we would have Two family get together in a year

2 Every celebration would be organised on Sunday most probably / holiday

3 Function timing would be in the day time to avoid late night driving i.e.lunch time

4 No out sider or other community person would be welcome in the function

5.Members are their selves responsible to send the kitty Amt i.e 2000/- per function (updated after 5th reunion looking for the )

6 All members are self responsible to convey their presence in the function prior to one week of function to avoid wastage

7 you can welcome any other joinee after assurance of group norms to them and they would initiated with the same month in the club family

8 . You are allowed for the function only with supous and kids

9 in case of exam or any other emergency like pregnancy/and medically issue ,you can come with only spouse / or in another case with kids / or alone if not having kids.

10 . If the expenses for the function will be on higher than estimate club can increase it to further extent,
i.e Uniform Contribution from each member

11. Every member has to attend the function with family to avoid the future disbursement of the club , as we have dreamed to get this club to the maximum extent of members , in case of fussy excuse it may hampered the club norms and optimism, so without any proper excuse like any exam issue / any other family discrepancies no body should be absent

12 . As this is the totally family function so No liquor allowed / and also to avoid any driving issue after the function We must have to send the kitty Amt .To organizer via any ways

13. We must have to send the kitty Amt .To organizer via any ways

(AC transfer/paytm/via our other member )

14 Be happy and keep other happy make ensure yourself to join new hands of the Vyas parivar Bandhu.


Vyas youth club


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